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On the subject of stingy dinner dates, my friend felt that her country’s men were being unfairly portrayed, saying: “In my experience, Korean men are very generous when it comes to treating girls on dates. ” But is it really true that women value money and material possessions that much!?

And do Korean women really have to do all the housework while their man brings home the bacon?

I’m not exactly quiet, and I’m definitely not the ‘submissive girl’ that many people see South Korean girls as. But somehow, my personality became a problem when I started dating men in South Korea at the age of 20. I thought, is my outgoing personality — which was attractive to them in the beginning — an obstacle to developing a stable relationship? A bunch of my girlfriends had similar worries when dating South Korean men.

Many men approached me, expressing an interest in my outgoing personality. But sooner or later, they started to complain about things that energize my life, what I think are important, like interacting with people and having fun at interesting social gatherings. The biggest source of complaint was the irony of men applying different standards on their female friends and “girlfriend.” Some guys I knew loved hanging out with girls whom they called cool and funny — for example, girls who could drink two bottles of soju straight.

It’s strange: In struggling, I sometimes found myself trying to do is more explicit; it’s acting in a cute, flirty way, usually with funny faces, shrugging one’s shoulders and shaking one’s head in a child-like way, or often answering questions in a higher-pitched voice.

on the other hand is acting coy, not being outright honest. I found myself — hard as I tried, it just wasn’t in me). I even gave him hand-made chocolate on Valentine’s Day.

So no roses on the table and young men in designer suits handing over their platinum credit cards at the end of the meal?

Needless to say, the Chinese TV show’s audience were left feeling rather forlorn when they heard that their neighbours to the south weren’t quite the romantic gentlemen the dramas had led them to believe.

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It’s rare for Korean men to play an active role at home, so I think the opinions expressed on the show were on the whole pretty accurate! Those ideal Korean men might not be as perfect as the TV shows suggest.

I see myself as a lively, bright and sociable girl.

I love to interact with new people and have no problem making new friends.

She should be resilient but needs to be rescued when hardship arises. I could concede that independent and dependent tendencies might coexist in a person, certainly, but often they don’t go together.

I thought it more a fantasy of men who craved unequal power relations with their girlfriends than a reality.

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