Direct sexmeets

The loudest voices against the ‘social justice warriors’ where the young female computer game fans. Defending a culture against perceived ‘meddling from outsiders’?These are just snapshots, of course, and it is always dangerous to generalize from individual pockets of opinion.

Emotional sensitivity, emotion regulation and impulsivity in borderline personality disorder: a critical review of f MRI studies. Eck J, Kaas AL, Mulders JL, Hausfeld L, Kourtzi Z, Goebel R (2015). Social Cognitive and Affective Neuroscience, [Epub ahead of print].

After all, it might just be a coincidence that I keep on bumping into them. Increasingly I’m encountering people who are offended at how easily other people are offended. More recently, a series of adverts created for the Paralympics by Mars for Maltesers created some chatter.

Was it a good idea to be making sex-meets-disabilities jokes in order to sell chocolate balls?

The neural substrate for working memory of tactile surface texture.

Task-relevant and accessory items in working memory have opposite effects on activity in extrastriate cortex.

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