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Having spied a money exchange booth Eric went off to find a toilet to allow him to discreetly access the Tahitian money stowed in the body belt.

Frustrated at first by only finding Ladies he eventually found a Gentleman’s toilet upstairs in the café area and transferred the Francs to a pocket.

After checking out we left our luggage and headed for the next air conditioned haven the restaurant we had used yesterday.

Lunch of Fillet Mignon, a lemon tea and a café latte concocted from a straight coffee and a cup of hot milk, kept us in the cool until 3.45pm when we returned to the hotel to make final adjustments of clothing and then we waited on the balcony for the taxi to arrive at 5pm.

A light supper was possible through the kind offices of Clare, Ed and Marina, who had laid in essential supplies.

Monday 10 March ‘No one realizes how beautiful it is to travel until they come home and rests their head on their old, familiar pillow.’ Lin Yutang A late awakening after a good night’s sleep in our own bed.

They confirmed they were so we joined the nascent queue.

By 5.20pm there were signs of life behind the desks and confirmatory signs appeared.

The good news is that cars started after standing on the drive all this time, the bad news was the boiler appeared to have packed up during the day.The transaction completed she confided that this was her first time with exchanging this currency.Eric returned happily to Joyce who then went off to search for the Hagen Dazs ice cream kiosk Eric had spotted upstairs, she duly found and enjoyed a chocolate chip ice cream.Boarding time came and went with an influx of transit passengers from our flight which had arrived from Bogotá.Eventually the plane was ready for us and we boarded around 8.15pm with take off a good 25 minutes late.

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