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Other times the only benefit is to see the change from an illegible typeface to a clear block print (oft as not without any particular in the editing).

In many cases, specific institutions are founded solely to deal with works from a particular religious group, while at other times, entire publishing houses are established that deal with the writings of one particular author.

It is worth noting that this harsh expression appears in the writings of the Sages only with reference to one other event and that is the day a sword was stuck in the Bet Midrash in the wake of a bitter fight between the school of Shammai and the school of Hillel.

As previously mentioned on the Seforim blog by myself and others, our generation is privileged to something no previous generation has seen, a sheer volume of Jewish books being printed and reprinted.

32:4), even though it was nothing but inanimate matter.

The reason for this was that there was no alternative; since not everyone understands the holy tongue, were the Bible not translated into other languages its message, including its universal teachings, would not have reached all of mankind.

Whoever sought to translate the Torah into another language could never preserve this multiplicity of significance, but would be forced to choose one meaning alone, and usually one on a simple level, abandoning all others.

This is apparently what was meant by the comment in Megillat Taanit that with the translation of the Torah into Greek darkness fell on the world for three days.

The Maharshal was born circa 1510 (most likely in the city of Brisk or Posen), and died in 1573 in Lublin.This is so as the Maharshal followed the Rama (i.e.the Maharshal died later) and, as such, should have been awarded consenting rulings out of principle (, #100, Kedushah)." at the Seforim blog) all studied in the Maharshal’s Yeshiva. Chechik makes the claim that the major talmidim of the Maharshal studied in his yeshiva in Lublin. Efraim Zalman Margolis traces the various ways in which the Rama and the Maharshal were related.As an historical aside, it is worth pointing out that in the biography printed by R. This appears highly implausible as the Maharshal only came to Lublin in 1569, and by then most of his talmidim were already accomplished poskim. Among those was through the marriage of Maharshal's daughter Miriam to Rama's brother Eliezer.

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