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Microtech Gefell, as the company is now called, offers a full line of condenser mics and some groundbreaking efforts such as the KEM970 line array microphone.

Its latest release, the M 300 miniature cardioid condenser, has the same quality look and feel as the rest of the product line.

I did try to turn the whole rig upside down, but once again, I was at the mercy of my boom and couldn't get the mics high enough to work for me.

One very nice thing is that Gefell has included a spacer for one of the mics used on the boom so when you use them in X/Y, the capsules come together perfectly spaced, one over the other.

When I configured a pair of room mics on a high, boomless vertical stand or drum overheads, I had no problems.

It's worth noting that the capsules are made of ceramic.

Part of the strategic services that is unique to Microtech is that all our customer's suggestions go straight away into the process of research and development.

I've used other mics with similar characteristics, and I break them into two categories: mics that are harshly bright and those that are smoothly bright.Join now Microtech sustains a technology edge by ensuring that software development is a continuous, refined and automated process.Thus, research and development is an ongoing process that ensures achieving the highest levels of sophistication.This provides greater stability and a more consistent performance when the mics are subjected to heat, such as under stage and studio lights.ABLE PLAYERSEach mic comes with an individual color frequency response chart (tested at 0 degrees and 180 degrees), with the serial number, sensitivity rating (both at 11.9 m V/Pa = 0 d B) and date of test, all signed by the technician.

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