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I can also control the camera from another little monitor." PHOTOS: Plastic surgery nightmares!

Oliver, meanwhile, reflected on why she agreed to take part. "A really approachable way and fun way of making sure that women check themselves, whether it be yourself, your partner." Smiling, she added: "It was an interesting experience walking around with a hidden camera.

Sexy train ride I love to masturbate with the thought of being caught.

PHOTOS: Hollywood boob jobs The driving message of the video?

It got me so hot that I had to pull out my cock and start rubbing away.

The best part is, when you're finished, you have to just lay there and sleep drenched in cum. Under Cover I love to bring myself to a climax in as public a place as possible, especially on a bus, train, or in an aircraft.

Watching myself in the mirror really gets me going.

Also, knowing any minute someone could walk in, and hearing the voices of the people really gets the adrenaline pumping along with the cum. Make sure you keep a straight face as you do it, and you HAVE to make sure you're at the very left or very right of the room so no one can see what you're doing.

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