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When I wa about 12 my older sister had dressed me a couple of times in one of her dresses. I was wearing a nice fitted navy blue pencil skirt with a longsleeve black cotton top & a sexy long haired auburn redish wig, I looked very sexy & i'm gifted with a big hot sexy woman's butt. It was a weeknight and I was out cross dressed enjoying dinner. Since there was no place to go I finished dinner and paid the bill... But, if I wasn't out drinking or doing drugs then it was ok with her. I was about 15 years old when I started wearing my sisters clothes.

I had long hair and she would put a couple of hair clips in to give me a girls look. We always did this on saturday when my mother went to work. About half way through dinner a fellow from work and his wife came into the restaurant. im divorced and my x had our son one day when i came home from work i was so tired from working night shift i put on a black leotard and shiny tan tights and taped my penis back so im smooth as a girl i always loved leotard since i was 5 my sister always dressed me up in them... One day I really wanted to wear my moms pantyhose, until my brother came home. She was older than me by 3 years but had lots of sexy clothes. My mother may have suspected I had dressed up in her clothes, but she never caught me at it.

I changed into my pantyhose, bra and a black and white floral house...

I have been a closet cross-dresser since the age of ten and take every opportunity to paint my nails and put my makeup on.

I stopped all this when I got married until one night. So i got the call today, she said i was to come over to take my punishment, and i better be wearing panties.

I was getting really stressed at work so I told the wife that I needed a day off. We couldn't get our schedules in sync so I had the day to myself. I waited until the kids were on the bus, I would have maybe four hours... My wife had to work and my kids were off to school.

The wife, Debbie was very good to me when I cut their lawn that summer...

One client was a newly married couple that had a nice home with an inviting swimming pool.

My mom always left her nylons out especially knee highs. But now iv found out that since then she has told her freind and also her mother. My brother & I would go in our sisters' room & put on their clothes & play like we were them. I found all kinds of girl's clothes in our bedroom.

Iv spoken to her mother about about it and she is cool with it and even bought me some nice underwear for... I saw them & I couldn't resist, I would try them on. starting when I was 13, every summer holiday I use to help out at a holiday chalet site for school children events, especially disadvantaged or disabled children.

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