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Narnians would believe that Puzzle is Aslan and would obey his every command (as Shift gave them).

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When Tirian arrives at the scene, he comes into the presence of two Calormenes who are driving a Narnian horse which is dragging a log.

Published in 1956 and awarded the Carnegie Medal, The Last Battle chronicled the end of the world of Narnia.

Jill Pole and Eustace Scrubb return to Narnia to help save it from treacherous invaders and a False Aslan.

Tirian is outraged by Shift's dialogue and calls him a liar. During the night, many small animals come and attend to Tirian, feeding him and giving him water, but not untying him, fearful of Aslan's wrath.

They confirm Aslan's presence as they saw him the prior evening. Shortly, Tirian sees a bonfire being lit in the distance near the shack where the ape gave his speech.

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