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Prosecutors said that he and two others dressed as law-enforcement officers and forced their way into the victims' home.

Alan Champagne was convicted of first- and second-degree murder in June for the killing of Philmon Tapaha and Brandi Hoffner in 2011.

Allen was one of four family members charged with disciplining the girl by forcing her to do exercise in sweltering July heat and then locking her in a 31-inch-long footlocker overnight.

Sammantha Allen was sentenced to death in August 2017 for the brutal 2011 murder of her 10-year-old cousin, Ame Deal.

Her body was dumped in an arroyo, where it was found the next morning.

Clabourne's accomplice, Larry Langston, pleaded guilty to murder and received a life sentence.

Scott Drake Clabourne was convicted in the 1980 rape and murder of a University of Arizona student he met at a Tucson bar.

He strangled the woman, then stabbed her in the heart three times.

Chappell was then said to have walked away, leaving the boy's body behind.Armstrong and a friend dug a grave on the friend's property and then murdered Armstrong's sister and her fiance'.Frank Jarvis Atwood had been convicted of lewd and lascivious acts and kidnapping an 8-year-old boy in California.The state’s three female death-row inhabitants have been moved into the general population at the Perryville prison near Buckeye.The men in Central Unit are housed in three different tiers, which is what they call a unit of cells. As a group, they seem larger than average men, lean from eating prison food, and many have that loping walk of athletes, rather than the exaggerated rooster strut — arms swinging way farther than normal behind the back with each step — of the men in general population.

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