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It's a pretty simple process: First, select any objects you'd like to find a PMS color for, and head to Next, click on the swatch library icon to select a color book. By double-clicking on the new swatch , you can browse similar swatches.

If your version of Illustrator is lacking this feature, there's a handy Illustrator script called CMYKto PMS that will give you a best guess.

Those pattern fills can be applied to (in which the first and last anchors differ).

Have you adopted Illustrator’s alternative Live Paint logic?

And here’s Pantone 485 C, according to In Design CS6 and CC.

One or more of these can help if you’re writing a style guide.

Don’t specify CMYK or RGB values at all, and let people convert from Pantone themselves.

But first, let’s examine how patterns are created in Illustrator, and how they’re applied to shapes.

You use Illustrator’s omnipotent Swatches panel to collect, store, save, and apply patterns as object fills.

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