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They are top of my head 1) As We cannot delete the file store 2) They are consuming the disk space 3) If we delete the oldest file then server start will fail 4) If delete all the files then we are loosing the messages Is this a WL BUG , that even after processing the messages it cannot reduce the file size and cannot delete the old file store?

JNDI provides a convenient, location-transparent, configurable, and portable mechanism for obtaining objects, which represent virtual channels (topics and queues) in JMS, are also obtained via JNDI and are used by the JMS client.JNDI provides an abstraction that hides the specifics of the naming service, making client applications more portable.Using JNDI, JMS clients can browse a naming service and obtain references to administered objects without knowing the details of the naming service or how it is implemented.JMS servers are usually be used in combination with a standard JNDI driver (a.k.a.service provider) and directory service like LDAP, or provide a proprietary JNDI service provider and directory service. It is virtual because it allows one naming service to be linked to another.

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